Exceptional Candidates Since 1979

            Our search firm, is hands-on; we hunt, identify, recruit and submit qualified candidates

Our Focus:  Divisional Presidents, Vice President and Director Level Projects in Supply Chain, Sales Operations, Marketing, Corporate Accounts, Product Development and Media.

Our Reach: Completed projects in the North America; USA, Canada and Mexico

Why do clients engage A la Carte International:

  • Board insists on Food and Beverage expert.
  • Position requires proven deliverables.
  • Timely completion of project is paramount.
  • Confidentiality required…discretion a must.
  • A la Carte’s Fixed-Fee approach.

That’s where A la Carte comes in…we quietly identify, qualify and deliver those “hard-to-find” individuals for leadership roles.  We do not have to learn your business and we have a pretty good idea where your company fits into the current mix and where you want to go.

We exclusively support the staffing needs of the Food & Beverage Sectors…you don’t waste time trying to teach us your business.

A la Carte does the research; identifying, evaluating and delivering the best talent in this industry.  We are recognized for our food industry knowledge, responsiveness, perseverance and guaranteed results…our ExcluTainer®Search sets the standard in staffing and talent acquisition while managing your cost of search.

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