“Diversity is not about counting heads, but rather about making heads count.”

— Dr. Samuel Betances


To understand A la Carte International’s approach to Diversity Recruiting, one must first embrace what Diversity means in the work place.

Diversity is not about the law (EO, AA, EEOC). It’s about putting the best people into positions that best represent the marketplace.

Diversity is about building a competitive advantage by valuing and recognizing differences of opinions.

Diversity does not belong in the Human Resources Department; it must have a corporate commitment, not “lip-service” to fulfill a quota.

Diversity projects require evaluating the best candidates based on their core competencies and not necessarily their current experience.

Diversity recruiting is not something you do some of the time, but all of the time.

Diversity is the smart and right thing for business today and tomorrow.

Competency-Based Selection

Competencies are behaviors that encompass the knowledge, skills, attitudes, motives and temperament that distinguish superior performance.