Prix®Fixe Fee Structure

Deliver the best talent…manage the cost of executive search. 

A la Carte’s ExcluTainer®Search…our fees are based on the time and treasure necessary to properly fill your opening.   At the outset of the each search we provide you with a timeline for completion and a Prefixed Fee.   Our fee are fixed…and have none of the “Fee Creep” associated with percentage based fee arrangements.  Our goal… that you hire the best athlete without being penalized when you staff at a higher compensation level.

You get more with A la Carte’s ExcluTainer®Search…

  • Research, recruitment and identification of highly qualified candidate finalists
  • Reference checks and administration of a management assessment tool
  • Drivers license, financial and criminal background checks
  • Support in negotiating the final offer and start date
  • Twelve month guarantee on all placements

Great people are worth hunting for…and we’ve been finding the best for 38 years.   Call in confidence (757) 512-6222.