Additional Resources


  1. The Manager’s Book of Questions:  751 Great Interview Questions for Hiring the Best Person  by:  John Kador
  2. The 17 Essential Qualities Of A Team Player: by John C. Maxwell
  3. What Clients Love:  A Field Guide to Growing Your Business, by:  Harry Beckwith


Hiring and Recruiting (including, but not limited to the following):

Legal and Illegal Job Interview Questions

Much as they might like to, interviewers are not allowed to ask such questions as “Do you plan to start a family soon?” or even “How old are you?” Only questions dealing with the actual requirements of the job may be asked.

Here’s a rundown of what can and what can’t be asked, based upon current laws. Of course, you may volunteer any of this information if you think it is in your interest to do so.

19 Strategies For Hiring The Best

  1. Great companies have great employees, so commit to hiring only the best!
  2. Make sure you have written job descriptions.  Verify with those performing and supervising the job that these job descriptions are accurate.
  3. Think “outside the box.”  Don’t limit your sources for good employees.
  4. Avoid hiring someone who averages more than one employer every two years.
  5. Use a rating system so that early candidates are not forgotten in the interview process.
  6. Where possible, promote from within to maintain employee morale.
  7. A person with an extensive self-employment background is very likely to go back to self-employment as soon as possible.  Hire this person as a consultant.
  8. Workers with a disability often do a better job with greater loyalty and fewer absences.
  9. Use a temporary employment agency instead of hiring an employee in haste.
  10. Conduct a pre-hire character assessment.  We recommend
  11. Try to have the person leaving the position and future co-workers interview their applicants.
  12. Test the technical skills and industry knowledge of every job applicant.
  13. Evaluate a potential employee’s energy levels.  Checking them at different times of the day.
  14. Carefully investigate any significant gaps in employment.
  15. Get outside agencies to help if you don’t follow a powerful hiring process.
  16. Use pre-employment questionnaires and interview extensively.
  17. Test every new employee for drug use.
  18. Check an applicant’s background and all references thoroughly.  We recommend
  19. Memorialize the terms of employment using offer letters and employment contracts.